The Apta Ventures advantage

Apta Ventures brings leadership experience gained in over 40 countries spanning emerging, mature and developing markets to deliver, operate, finance and optimise infrastructure businesses.

Blending management, finance, commercial and technical disciplines in infrastructure enables Apta Ventures to determine more effective, efficient and innovative routes to delivering value on mergers and acquisitions, exits, projects (green and brownfield), PPPs and restructurings.

Examples of work include: advising on >US$5B of infrastructure investments in emerging markets; leading the award winning US$1.1B refinancing of the Singapore Sports Hub; working with a US$400B global financial institution on mobilising capital for the infrastructure sector; viability of project financing a 1.8GW power portfolio; and selling a long term concession to operate a major container port to an international trade buyer.

Selected projects


Climate Finance & Markets

Containing global warming to below 2°C above pre-industrial levels requires CO2 emissions to be at around 20 billion tons in 2030. At the present emissions rate, it is predicted that CO2 emissions will increase to a substantially higher level - 37 billion by 2030.

Over 190 parties signed the Paris Agreement (in 2015) with national carbon reductions to be met by 2030. At COP26 in 2021, pledges were being revised with the top 50% of emitters, some 59 countries, committing to “net-zero” emissions by 2050.

Emission reduction credits (or "carbon credits") that are traded in carbon credits markets are an important driver in enabling carbon reduction or carbon avoidance projects and initiatives to be implemented involving the private sector and to meet “net-zero” ambitions at the entity and national levels.

Structuring and raising financing against carbon credits that may be traded in carbon markets is critical to attract participants and generate sufficient volumes of “net-zero” related investments. Apta Ventures is working with the a global financial institution and the private sector in the transport and energy industries on addressing this problem.

Port, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta

Sale of a port concession

Tanjung Priok Port is the gateway port to Indonesia, a market of 260 million people. The state owned port company embarked on a major expansion that included 4.5 million TEU container terminal and three product terminals together with road access arrangements.

The sale completed under auction involving consortia from North, East and South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America, and achieved a market leading rent.


restructuring: divestment of illiquid real estate

Restructuring of a UK regulated education business on an historic and protected site.

The transaction included the sale of real estate assets, 190 acres of land and selected business lines.

The transaction was completed on time, stabilized the operating platform and materially strengthened the balance sheet.


Upstream advice on energy and transport projects: mobilizing private capital

Advised on improving infrastructure access and performance in Nepal covering: how infrastructure is planned, procured, delivered, funded, financed, and governed, and how its markets operate.

Focused on the transport and energy, notably hydro-power, sectors. Evaluated conditions and constraints for infrastructure investment and recommended tailored investing, financing and project implementation solutions to stimulate private sector participation.


Refinancing a major PPP

Euromoney IJGlobal's Asia Pacific Refinancing Deal of the Year

Singapore Sports Hub is a public private partnership (PPP) sports and lifestyle complex. It includes a 55,000 seat national stadium, 8,000 seat indoor stadium, competition swimming pools, multi purpose indoor arena, water sports centre, library, museum and shopping mall.

This was the first refinancing of a PPP in Singapore.

Further examples

  • Acquisition of a 5.5mppa international airport
  • Privatisation of a 600mpax (165km) urban metro system
  • Refinancing a 17mppa international airport
  • Financial, commercial and technical advice on a new high speed railway
  • Project financing a PPP motorway widening scheme
  • Restructuring a new 29km urban metro concession
  • Debt restructuing of a shipping company
  • Acquisition of a 3,300MW power portfolio
  • Sale of an 800MW gas fired power plant
  • Project financing of a desalination plant
  • Restructuring of a power business
  • Project financing a waste to energy plant
  • Pre-listing operational advice for a toll road operator
  • Business case for the expansion of a 16mppa airport
  • Business case for relocating a 3mppa airport
  • Business case for upgrading a national railway network
  • Valuation of solar farms